Google Plus Integration With YouTube Comments, For & Against

YouTube & Google Plus A Match Made In ….

Another social media platform changes functionality.  Cue outrage, comedy, reaction videos, gif’s and finally some acceptance, well maybe.  As you may have seen Google Plus has been integrated into the YouTube commenting system.  This was not an unannounced or unexpected move, if anything people have been given nearly a year to get their heads around it, but as it was rolled out a few days ago people have reacted rather interestingly.

gplus youtube on plaform announcement

For those who don’t know, as a content producer or commentator you need to have a Google Plus account, there are several issues and positive created by this change, but essentially this is what has changed in a nutshell.

The first reaction video I saw was from a rather balanced one from AConMan

Then I saw some of the rage that AConMan referred to from the ever entertaining Boogie2988

Then this popped up in my stream from a YouTuber called Emma Blackery with they catchy title of “Fuck you Google Plus”… nice!

But in understanding the time and effort it takes to build a loyal subscriber base you can actually quite easily understand the frustrations of everyone who has complained. The comments section is where the content producer has the opportunity to interact with their fanbase.

Then to add fuel to the fire, original founder of YouTube, Karim who has only ever uploaded one video (that incidentally is a video of him at the zoo, it is the first video ever uploaded to YouTube and has nearly 13,000,000 views) “why the fuck do i need a google+ account to comment on a video?” Karim wrote.

jawed youtube comment on google plus change

And then there were these gifs..




And these comments which are now much easier given the 5000 character limit that the Google Plus / YouTube integration allows.

death to youtube and google plusbobs tank against youtube and google plus

There is now a petition to get the YouTube / Google Plus integration changed. At the time of writing this post there is 130,000 signatures, needing another 20,000.

So What Is The Problem

So if you are wondering what the actual problems are, then this video, again by Boogie2988 will help you understand.  This is a much calmer and detailed complaint.

As mentioned in the video

  • Limit the characters people can use (to help stop posting of offensive material)
  • Help stop the novelty accounts
  • Change the weighting of the top comments – the most offensive comments can rise to the top
  • Stop external links – it is way too open to viruses or porn links

For these reasons there has been a movement for channel owners to turn off comments completely.  People like TotalBiscuit with 1.3 million subscribers are redirecting their comments to Reddit.  TotalBiscuit has come together with other channels to shut off YouTube comments completely.

So what are your thoughts on the YouTube / Google Plus integration? Do you think the change will be reversed? What would you do to address the issues raised? Let us know in the comments below.

By Steven Cole (Head of Digital @ Navada Group)

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